Costa Rica Romelia

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This coffee is produced in the cloudy region of the Palmichal rainforest. This region, bordering the historic zone of Tarraz̼, is famous for its unique acidity. Manuel Rojas Arias was the pioneer coffee grower in the Palmichal region, located on the western slopes of the Escaz̼ Mountains. Many farmers observed the success Don Manuel had with coffee and began to convert their sugar plantations into coffee farms.~ Medium Roast

Aroma: Good

Acidity: Well-balanced

Body: Well-rounded

Flavor: Floral accents, nutty to chocolate


Region: Palmichal and Santa Ana mountains

Growing Altitude: 1200-1600 meters

Arabica Varieties: Caturra and CatuaÌ_

Harvest Period: December-February

Process: Washed, Drum

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