Brazil Cerrado

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Brazil Cerrado is balanced and sweet, with a gentle acidity that makes for a drinkable and well-rounded cup of coffee. It is a blend of arabica coffee grown in the Cerrado region in Brazil. The Cerrado region is celebrated for its consistent elevation and climate, enabling its coffee farmers to focus on the quality of the coffee that they can produce. "The main thing in Cerrado is the uniformity," says Alexandre Ferraz, a Q Grader, and Senior Coffee Trader. "The weather conditions allow for a lot of control, and the farmers in Cerrado are very professional and very high tech. Their use of harvesting machines, for example, allows them to better control the exact moment to harvest, which also contributes to uniformity."   ~Medium Roast 

Aroma: Slightly sweet, neutral

Acidity: Light

Body: Full and sound

Flavor: Nutty and malt, chocolate aftertaste


Region: Cerrado

Growing Altitude: 900-1,250 meters

Arabica Varieties: Mundo Novo, CatuaÌ, and Bourbon

Harvest Period: May-September

Process: Natural

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